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Quality is the lifeline of our business. Taking a word in one language and converting it into an equivalent word in another language is simply not enough. In fact, doing so could cause irrevocable damages to a organization's image! At GlobalListing, we get to the heart of communication expressing the true meaning of your message and have developed a Quality Assurance Process to ensure you the most accurate document translations possible.

The GlobalListing Quality Assurance Process

1. Translator Assignment ---
Our professional translators will conduct the translation of your important document into their native languages. The translators assigned to your project will have backgrounds and expertise that fit the subject of your document. They will translate the true meaning of your words and ensure that cultural sensitivities are not violated.

2. Proofreading --
Two proofreaders - with language experience and background in the subject of your document - will proofread the translation to further ensure the translation quality.

3. Desktop Publishing --
We help you produce your final document, right down to page layout and typesetting.

4. Project Management --
A dedicated project manager will coordinate the entire production process to ensure that the project is completed within the agreed-upon time frame.

Your document will be translated by our experienced professional translators into their native languages. We will ensure that your document be presented as it was originally conceived -- effectively, accurately and with cultural sensitivity.

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