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  • 2Connect - offers cellular, PCS, long distance, local phone, paging, satellite TV and communications products.

  • Action Wireless - selling pagers, cellular phones, and accessories. Online ordering available.

  • Airwave Solutions Wireless Comm. - wireless communications like Nextel radio, phone, pager, two-way radio, pagers and paging systems. AVL auto vehicle location and fleet management systems.

  • American Roamer - provides cellular guide services to the wireless communications industry.

  • Ardis - A nationwide two way wireless data communications network enabling in building and on street communications between mobile workers and host sites.

  • BC Tel Mobility - cellular, paging, autotel, satellite, wireless data, and PCS.

  • Cell-Loc, Inc. - invented and patented the Cellocate technology for the location of cellular phones using TDOA and Super-Resolution.

  • CellStar, Ltd. - wholesaler and retailer of cellular phones and other wireless telecommunications consumer products.

  • CelluComm - Innovation in wireless telecommunication services. Including pagers, cellular phones, accessories, paging services and repairs.

  • cellularPLUS - offers cellular phones, beepers, and accessories at retail locations throughout NY.

  • Club Meg Communications - features paging, internet access, web site design, and satellite TV sales.

  • Comcast Cellular Communications, Inc. - presents the full range of cellular, pager, and wireless data services.

  • Compuquest, Inc. - products for alpha paging, wireless data, remote monitoring, mobile communications, and information delivery services.

  • ConectUS Wireless Communications - carry 2way paging, cellular, wireless modems, antenna sites, towers, paging, ardis, radiomail,and windows CE compatible products.

  • Kreines and Kreines, Inc. - offers consulting services to cities and counties concerning the review of applications for wireless PCS and cellular sites, and publishes Wireless Update.

  • Let's Talk Cellular & Wireless - online store for all your wireless needs. Wireless phones, batteries, cases, high-gain antennas and other hightech wireless products. Fully automated online shopping.

  • Maland Communications - audio/visual rental and sales including LCD and data projectors, overheads, computer projectors and AV equipment.

  • Mobile Office Outfitters - computer and laptop accessories for people who work from their cars. Products include portable docking stations, mobile desks, power supplies, anti-glare guards, cellular accessories.

  • MTS Mobility - wireless communications provider with cellular, paging, satellite, fleetnet and wireless data communications services.

  • NCL Communications - cellular phones, beepers, two-way communications, car alarms, satellite cellular. specializing in corporate solutions.

  • New Era Communications - provides internet development, cellular, paging, and voicemail services.

  • Nextel Communications - integrated digital wireless communications services. Instant conferencing, text messaging and more.

  • NJ/NY Telecom - Nextel distributor in NY NJ area with PCS digital cellular, 2-way radio and paging in one unit.

  • PennComm USA, Inc. - wholesale distribution, purchasing and sales of used and refurbished pagers.

  • Portable Communications Specialists, Inc. - wireless communications catalog featuring pagers, portable radios, mobile radios, and repeaters.

  • RA-TEL Communications - sales and service of all your communications products including two-way radios, pagers, & cellular phones.

  • RCS Communications Group - paging, 800 megahertz trunking, cellular phone, two-way dispatch.

  • Rural Cellular Corporation - provides communications solutions to residents of northern Minnesota and eastern North Dakota.

  • Solomon Wireless Tech. Corp. - We owns the business in semiconductor, LCD module, IC card, battery pack, Telecomm products like wireless PBX, KTS, cellular phone, cord/cordless phones, pager, digital answer machine.

  • Southwestern Bell Wireless - sells wireless accessories to customers in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.

  • Super Cellular & Pagers, Inc. - distributors of pager and cellular equipment and accessories.

  • Super Sound Communications - national and local sales of satellite tv systems, cellular phones, pagers, and more.

  • Supercall Cellular - with information regarding GSM Technology, GSM equipment, GSM Coverage maps worldwide.

  • Wireless Access Inc. - pagers, telecommunications, mobile communications, two-way paging, reflex, inflexion.

  • Wireless Dimension - research, compare and buy wireless products, including cellular, digital and PCS phones, service plans and accessories major U.S. markets.

  • Wireless Services Corporation - provider of wireless Internet access and fax services via alphanumeric pagers, PCS telephones, or palmtop computing devices.

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