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Technology Transfer

  • BTG - technology transfer, licensing new technology worldwide, intellectual property rights, patenting and protecting inventions, researchers and institutions.

  • Centre Québecois de Valorisation des Biomasses et des Biotechnologies (CQVB) - liaison and transfer society renowned in the field of biomass and biotechnology enhancement.

  • CRESTech - Centre for Research in Earth and Space Technology conducts multidisciplinary collaborative research and development in space and earth sciences.

  • Falco-Archer, Inc. - Technology management, tech transfer, tech commercialization, tech sourcing, tech evaluation, and licensing services provided to companies worldwide.

  • Innovation and Development Corporation - applies scientific and technological research at University of Victoria and supports and facilitates the establishment of new and collaborative ventures.

  • Intercon Research Associates - Technology transfer, new product search, information research, acquisition search, strategic alliance, license survey, licensee, and international markets.

  • - Patent™ is an Internet auction for buying, selling or licensing intellectual property; patents, patent applications, technical know-how, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, music, art, registered domain names and more.

  • Research Corporation Technologies - independent technology management company that commercializes technologies from research universities and other nonprofit institutions in North America.

  • Techconn Technology for Connecticut, Inc. - accelerating the transfer of technology from defense to commercial use in energy, environmental, transportation, and marine technologies.

  • Technology Access - Publishers of Technology Access Report, we cover the processes and issues surrounding the movement of innovation from lab to market. We link universities, government labs and agencies, venture capital and companies seeking new products and processes.

  • Technology Ventures Corporation (TVC) - nonprofit organization coordinating the transfer of technologies with commercial potential to the private sector.

  • Vuman Limited - technology transfer company of Victoria University of Manchester.

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