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  • American SunCo - photovoltaic tracking systems for residential, commercial and agricultural use; solar energy research, development and consulting.

  • Brultech Research Inc. - Source for: wattmeter, energy consumption monitor, watt-hour meter, energy monitor, data logger, runtime recorder, event logger, appliance monitor, power usage monitor.

  • Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. - furthering the research process related to the discovery of an new source of hydrogen energy

  • Convergence Research - Tools for resource policy in the public interest, with an emphasis on the Pacific Rim.

  • Emerald Bay Energy Inc. - oil and gas production, research, and technology company. Produces the Lateral Drainhole Drilling tool.

  • Engine Corporation of America, Inc. - development of engine technologies and related systems, including gas turbine and internal combustion engines.

  • Gas Research Institute - provides technical information and research results relevant to the natural gas industry.

  • NRG Technologies, Inc. - alternative fuels research and development. For light, medium and heavy duty vehicles.

  • RLW Analytics, Inc - providing innovative analytical, engineering and market research consulting for utilities and private companies.

  • Sunpower Inc. - dedicated to the design and development of stirling engines, stirling coolers, and linear compressors.

  • T/J Technologies, Inc. - researches, develops and commercializes materials and devices for electrochemical energy storage and conversion such as ultracapacitors, lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells.

  • Thermogenics - specializing in development of waste-to-energy technology using gasification systems.

  • Trigen Energy Corporation - using thermal science to develop solutions to heat, cool and provide electricity to industry, government, commercial buildings, hospitals and universities.

  • Volunteer Energy - Volunteer Energy is a full-service energy company offering energy commodities, products and services, including energy management and power quality analysis.

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