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Optics and Imaging

  • A.W.I. Industries, Inc. - Corona, CA - distributor of optical products, including spherical lenses, aspheres, lens assemblies, plastic optics, fresnel lenses. Also supplies injection molds and plastic products.

  • Advanced Pathology Systems - developing three-dimensional digital microscopy systems for histopathological study in biomedical research, industrial toxicology, and medical pathology.

  • American Precision Optics Manufacturers Association (APOMA) - dedicated to promoting and advancing science, technology, and business opportunities for the precision optics industrial base.

  • Ando Europe BV - manufacturer of optical tele- & datacommunications test- & measure instrumentation, like mainframe & mini OTDRs, optical spectrum analysers, optical amplifier analysers, etc.

  • Benchmark Technologies, Inc. - designs and provides lithographic test reticles for the semiconductor industry. We also provide customized services related to reticle design and manufacture.

  • Biomedical Photometrics Inc. - new confocal scanning laser microscope/macroscope for imaging of specimens from 25 x 25 microns to 7.5 x 7.5 cm in size using reflected light and fluorescence.

  • Boulder Nonlinear Systems - spatial light modulators, microdisplays, variable shutters, variable retarders, optical correlators, spectrometers, liquid crystal modulators.

  • Breault Research Organization, Inc. - an electro-optical engineering firm that specializes in providing technical assistance to the aerospace and optics industries.

  • BSC Optics - providing consulting services for optical design and testing, and supplying new and used optical components such as mirrors, lenses, mounting hardware, and instruments.

  • Donnelly Optics Corporation - designs, develops and manufactures plastic optical systems for digital imaging, PC peripherals, cameras, automotive lighting, medical equipment, and other applications.

  • Ealing Electro-Optics - manufactures and sells optical components, mechanical components and accessories for use in university, industrial and research laboratories.

  • Earth and Sky Adventure Products - discount mail order business for telescopes, binoculars, and accessories for astronomy. Importers of diffraction-limited Maksutovs and Refractors from Russia.

  • Edmund Scientific - manufacturer and supplier of optical components that include lenses, prisms, mirrors, fiber optics, filters, lasers, machine vision, telescopes, microscopes, magnifiers and binoculars.

  • Fiberoptics Technology, Inc. - custom manufacturer of glass, plastic, and liquid fiber optics for illumination and sensing. Products for visable and ultra-violet applications.

  • HOBI Labs - private marine sciences laboratory specializing in optical oceanography and hydro-optical instrumentation. Conducts oceanographic research in areas of physics and biology.

  • HSPO Optics - The Optical Option - optical engineering firm specialising in optical measurement, testing and calibration; optical systems design; and fabrication of custom optical components and systems.

  • IMRA America, Inc. - researches and develops lasers, optical receivers, photonics sensors and other devices for use in scientific research, telecommunications, advanced vehicles and automated highway systems.

  • Integrated Endoscopy, Inc. - endoscopes, video microscopes, borescopes, micro optics, video inspection instruments, spherical lenses, windows, mirrors, optical assemblies, precision lens fabrication.

  • Intelligent Imaging Innovations, Inc - makers of digital confocal microscopy workstations and SlideBook 2D/3D image processing and microscope control software for MacOS and Windows '95.

  • Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc. - manufacturer of holographic optical filters, research, process and analytical spectroscopy instruments, microscopes, dispersive spectrographs and laser protection eyewear.

  • LaCroix Optical Co. - manufacturer of precision optical componets to customer specifications, including simple lenses, achromats, windows, wedges, prisms, and mirrors.

  • Lan Optics International - selected collection of the best Russian optics and military attributes, including microscopes, telescopes, night vision goggles, and scopes.

  • Latigo Optics - infrared and optical instrument, flir, microscope, and electro-optical medical device design; contract optical engineering; and marketing services.

  • Luxel Corporation - supplies submicron filters for soft x-ray and EUV research and fabricates ultra-thin foils for use as bandpass filters for laboratory and space research.

  • Maier Photonics - specializes in the design and manufacturing of precision optical filters. Offers dielectric coatings in the UV-VIS-NIR range. Stock and custom items available.

  • Nitto Optical Co., Ltd. - specializes in the manufacture of planar optical elements such as prisms and mirrors. Can make prototypes and do mass productions runs.

  • OKO Technologies - manufacturer of precision multichannel micromachined adaptive mirrors, which provide a unique possibility of fast wavefront control in modern optical systems.

  • Opcon Associates - consulting optical designers specializing in zoom lenses and in the use of aspherical surfaces in glass and plastic lenses for imaging and non-imaging applications.

  • Optical Coating Technologies, Inc. - specializing in dielectric, metallic, dichroic antireflection, beamsplitter, and hot mirrors, cold mirrors, and color filters. thin film software.

  • Optical Components, Inc. - custom fabrication and coating supplier of precision optical components for uv, visible and infra-red in prototype and production quantities.

  • Opticoat Associates Inc - manufacturing and design engineering of custom thin film optical coatings, stock mirrors and beamsplitters, infrared low emissivity material.

  • Optometrics USA, Inc. - manufactures optical components, diffraction gratings, ruled, replicated, holographic, interference filters, monochromators, and spectrophotometric systems for worldwide OEM and laboratory markets.

  • Precision Optics Corporation, Inc. - advanced lens design, thin film coating design, and optical systems design ranging from prototypes to high-volume manufacturing.

  • RMT Ltd - manufacturing devices and components for Optoelectronics, IR and laser technique. Supplies thermoelectric coolers, photodiodes, light emitting diodes, optical materials.

  • Rochester Photonics Corporation - Rochester, NY - supplier of high performance, low price, light weight diffractive and conventional optical components and subsystems.

  • SOPRA - manufactures optical metrologic systems, including high energy excimer lasers, high resolution monochromators, and spectroscopic ellipsometers for research and development.

  • Spiricon, Inc. - instruments for laser beam profile analysis, diagnostics, display and maximizing performance. computer with CCD and solid-state pyroelectric cameras, arrays, infrared, ultraviolet, visible.

  • Structure Probe, Inc. - preparation equipment and consumable supplies for electron and light microscope laboratories. Also, independent laboratory offering electron microscopy services.

  • Telic OSTI, Inc. - designs and builds optical systems and components for use in the UV visible and IR. We specialize in infrared systems and components for military and commercial use.

  • Vermont Photonics, Inc. - provides precision optical measuring equipment to science, industry, and defense. Visual and electronic autocollimators for precision angle measurement.

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