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  • Anarres Vto(l) Rec`n`Org - an anarchist independent electronic music label based in New York, Zurich and Istanbul. We release everything from electro to Detroit and ambient to drum&bass. Send us your demo tapes.

  • Aphex Systems, Ltd. - products include the Aural Exciter, Tubessence thermionic mic preamplifiers, Easyrider, Expressor and Compellor compressors and DominatorII peak limiters.

  • Arpeggio Korina Guitars - manufacture guitars and mandolins. They're also retailers of new, used and vintage guitars, amplifiers and effects. They also repair, restore and refinish stringed instruments.

  • Bacorn Custom Guitars and Mandolins - luthier Roger Bacorn builds reproductions of archtop guitars and mandolins, as well as other custom acoustic and electric instruments.

  • Benedetto Archtop Guitars - Archtop luthier and maker of guitars for John and Bucky Pizzarelli, Johnny Smith, Adrian Ingram, Jimmy Bruno and Howard Alden.

  • Callaham Guitars - makers of handmade vintage reproduction electric guitars from the 50's and 60's; and hand-built hand-wired tube amplifiers.

  • Curbow String Instruments - luthier Greg Curbow makes electric and acoustic/electric guitars and basses featuring custom hand carved bodies and exclusive Rockwood necks.

  • Dingwall Designer Guitars - designer and manufacturer of electric guitars and basses including the Voodoo Bass which uses the patented Novax fretboard.

  • Eccleshall Guitars - luthier Christopher J. Eccleshall is a maker, dealer and repairer of guitars, violins, mandolins, banjos & dulcimers.

  • EVD String Instruments - classical, steel string, and archtop guitars; the "banjola", lyres, sound sculptures and more made by luthier and guitarmaker Edward V. Dick.

  • Fichter Electric Upright Basses - Fichter has been building electric-basses for 7 years with increasing success. Check out our web site: photos, sound, test reports, specs, etc.

  • FAX +49-69/450464 - Pete Namlook's raging aural beast. This is one of the more prolific ambient and atmospheric record labels. Artists include Namlook, Sad World, and many others.

  • Force Inc. Music Works - dedicated to the artists featured by Chrome, Force Inc. and Mille Plateaux. This label is responsible for the trip-hop/illbient series, "Electric Ladyland," in addition to numerous darkbeat, drum and bass, jungle and hardcore artists like Panacea, Alec Empire and others.

  • Hospital Records - resting place for sick and ill junglists, jump-up jazzfunk, drum+bass and more. Home of London Elektricity, Peter Nice Trio + Landmass. Site offers Real Audio, mailorder, hi-res photos and press archives.

  • Hypnos Recordings - a private, independent recording label focused on the areas of electronics, ambient minimalism, spoken word, and sonic experimentalism. Home to Saul Stokes, Viridian Sun, M. Griffin, etc.

  • Graden Guitar Shop - luthier Darrel Hamm builds custom flat-top acoustic guitars that have a pre-war sound and sells them only from his shop.

  • Hanewinckel Guitars - manufacturer of electric basses, guitars, and other musical instruments. Specializes in the six string electric bass guitar.

  • Ithaca Guitar Works - makers of fine custom acoustic/electric guitars, mandolins & violins; used electric & acoustic guitars, basses and amplifiers.

  • James R. Baker Archtop Guitars - handcrafted instruments featuring the patented low-feedback Legend and Special. The Classic is a traditionally structured model.

  • Mark Johnson Guitar Engineering - handcrafts custom electric guitars. We also can refinish, refret, rewire, or repair your current guitar to bring its original beauty and playability back.

  • Matlin Guitars - specializes in fine repair work on fretted instruments of all kinds and builds custom acoustic and electric guitars to order.

  • Otari Corporation - manufacturer of analog and digital recorders, cutting edge mixing consoles, and high speed industrial audio and video cassette loading and duplication systems.

  • Pork Recordings - fila brazillia solid doctor bullitnuts heights of abraham baby mammoth cd music mail order 12" discography jazz house garage electro techno funk dub trip-hop hip-hop ambient soul.

  • Pimentel & Sons Guitar Makers - specialize in custom building classical, flamenco, acoustic, acoustic bass and any other type of string instruments.

  • SB MacDonald Custom Instruments - luthier SB MacDonald builds custom guitars, basses, banjos, dulcimers and resonator guitars. Repair and restoration, too.

  • Sexauer Guitars - luthier Bruce Sexauer. Site includes pricing and photos, and personal philosophy of building. Also string basses (mostly Czech) imported for sale.

  • Samson Technologies Corporation - manufacturer of wireless & audio products. Distributor of Hartke bass systems, ZOOM signal processors, Behringer mixers and signal processors.

  • Shs Audio Inc. - a manufacturer of US made sound re-inforcement products for the working musician. Includes a classified equipment board, jobboard and a BBS.

  • Technological Groove - all things Good Looking Records and Logical Progression related. Site contains discographys, artist profiles, news, club sessions, studio section, top ten's, and more.

  • Timm Guitars - acoustic and resonator guitars, as well as a traveling guitar called "The Little Bear Traveler." Each instrument is individually made by luthier Jerry Timm.

  • WordSound Recordings - specializes in signing artists that personify the illbient music movement - an all-encompassing amalgamation of trip-hip, hip-hop, dub, electronica, funk, atmospheric and break-beat.

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