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  • AGROPEC Trading, Inc. - carries products for cattle ranches, dairy farms, poultry, horse and swine farm equipment and supplies.

  • Antec International Ltd. - manufactures disinfectants, insecticides, sanitizers and veterinary supplies for the agriculture and horticulture markets.

  • Animal Feed Ingredients - purchasing company responsible for the sourcing and delivery of grains, by-products, nutrient premixes, and pharmaceutical additives for production of livestock and specialty feeds.

  • APEIS Corporation - facilitates permanent electronic identification for all types of animals.

  • Bar Diamond - manufactures and distributes rumen cannulae specializing in mushroom compost analysis and feed testing, for livestock research and development. View the surgical photo gallery.

  • Bestar International Group Ltd. - animal vaccines, disinfectants and feed supplements.

  • Bibby Ireland - national compounder of animal feedingstuffs producing rations for all classes of livestock together with silage additives and grass-seed through the UK and Ireland.

  • Bioresco Bioresearch Management and Consulting Ltd. - advises a broad range of clients on scientific and regulatory issues concerning food and feed products.

  • Conklin Company - producing a full line of animal feed suppliments, agronomical products, cleaning and consumer products, lubrication and vehicle products and building supplies.

  • Diamond V Mills, Inc - uses yeast fermentation biotechnology to manufacture yeast culture products which are added to animal feeds to improve palatability and digestibility.

  • Fort Storey Ranch - Fort Storey specializes in Miniature Harness horses both for showing and miniature harness horse racing. Breeders of the only miniature equine bred for Miniature harness racing...the "Harnessbreds"

  • Galebreaker - a range of environmental weather screen systems which provide ideal housing conditions for healty productive livestock.

  • Gillis Agricultural Systems - products include weigh trac system, baby pig saver, piggy deck, and more.

  • GLA Agricultural Electronics - manufactures digital, rechargeable, electronic animal health thermometers.

  • Hawkeye Steel Products, Inc. - manufacturers an energy-free waterer, top hatch incubator, and more.

  • Hot-Shot Prod Company - manufacturer of electric cattle prods and livestock handling equipment, including sorting paddles, poles, and panels.

  • Kane Manufacturing Company, Inc. - manufacturer of heat mats, livestock nursery feeders, watering equipment, and more.

  • Industrial Grain Products - manufacturer of specialty binders used to agglomerate feeds, minerals, ceramics, fertilizers, foundry sands and other such materials.

  • Integrated World Enterprises (INTEWE) - manufacturer of animal feed additives, mold inhibitors, salmonella control, anti-oxidants, mycotoxin adsorbents, pellet binders, and odor control.

  • International Ingredient Corporation - animal and poultry feeds, aquaculture diets, pet foods and a wide variety of industrial processes.

  • JD Heiskell and Company - marketing grains, feed comodities and manufactured feeds to dairy and livestock business in California.

  • Kemin Industries, Inc. - We specialize in the discovery and manufacture of products designed to enhance and preserve the palatability of animal feeds.

  • Loders Croklaan - supplier of speciality oils and fats, nutritional lipids, speciality meat ingredients, and speciality feed ingredients.

  • Lone Star Feedyard - custom cattle feeding for livestock producers of beef and agriculture investors; services dedicated to the maximum return on investment.

  • Pasture Meter - folding plate pasture meter used for measuring the amount of pasture in your paddocks. Readings can then be converted to an amount of Dry Matter (DM), ready for use in Feed Budgeting.

  • Powder River, Inc. - manufacturer of steel livestock handling equipment to manage cattle, horses and bison at the ranch, feedlot, sale yard, rodeo or fairgrounds.

  • Suevia Haiges GmbH & Co. - producer of animal drinking bowls, frost-resistant drinkers and other animal equipment.

  • Syrvet, Inc. - manufacturer, distributor, importer, and exporter of veterinary instruments, animal health supplies, and agricultural equipment. Hablamos espanol.

  • Temple Tag - offers products for herd management and livestock identification, including tags, feeders, and accessories.

  • WE International - specializes in waste management, cleaning products for livestock/poultry production, energy-efficient lights, reflective insulation, and grain handling equipment.

  • Western Stockmen's Inc. - supplier of animal health, feed and supplement products.

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