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Laboratory Instruments

  • - resource for automation managers and assay development scientists to learn about technologies and products compatible with the 1536- microplate format.

  • Aalborg Instruments & Controls, Inc. - manufacturer of flow measurement and control instrumentation for gases and liquids, including variable area flowmeters and gas proportioners, mass flowmeters and flow controllers, valves.

  • Advanced Instruments, Inc. - Osmometers are reliable, accurate, and easy to use. Provides rapid results for both total and direct neonatal bilirubin from one 30 mL sample.

  • AIM Air Instruments & Measurements, Inc - environmental compliance gas analyzers, CEMS, remote sensing, vehicle exhaust analyzers, laboratory analyzers, UV analyzers, IR analyzers, flammable,toxic and pollutant gas detection, greenhous gas detection, and customized analyzers.

  • Air Master Systems - specializes in the design and fabrication of laboratory fume hoods and metal casework, flammable storage units and related accessories.

  • Aquatic Research Instruments - manufactures aquatic research products such as water samplers, plankton nets, incubation chambers, sediment traps, and more.

  • B-J Enterprises, Inc. / B-J Scientific Products, Inc. - precision machine shop specializing in forming and machining refractory and reactive metals; precision manufacturer of seamless deep-draw formed or formed & welded crucibles and tubing.

  • Calibre Plastics Limited - manufacturers of laboratory fume cupboards (fume hoods), scrubbers and fans; suppliers of ductless fume hoods, glassware washing machines, and endoscope disinfection machines.

  • Ceast USA - 50+ years of development and production of testing instruments positions Ceast at the forefront of innovative quality control and research on plastic and rubber materials.

  • Diversified Biotech - offering Tough-Tags, DuraSeal, Synergel, protein products and many other novel laboratory products for researchers and technicians in the life sciences.

  • Environmental Specialties, Inc. - designer/manufacturer of controlled environmental chambers. Services include specification, preparation, design, installation, validation and continued service.

  • Hill Technical Sales - provides components for electrical power conversion and electro-optical design, including Ulraviolet curing lamps, transformers, inductors, heat sinks, power supplies, incandescent lamps, and CCD's (charge coupled devices).

  • IEC/Labsystems - manufacturer of IEC brand laboratory tabletop and floor model centrifuges, and USA/Canada supplier of Labsystems brand Finnpipettes/Finntips liquid handling products.

  • Inter Medical Co.,ltd. - produces measuring devices for research in fields including biology, biophysics, pharmacology, and physiology; also makes clinical equipment.

  • Labconco - laboratory ventilation, fume hood, biohazard cabinet, glove box, freeze dry, water purification, glassware washer, evaporation and kjeldahl products.

  • Labec Laboratory Equipment - manufacturers of temperature controlled heating and refrigeration equipment. Specialising in customised products.

  • Laboratory Devices, Inc. - we make and sell melting point apparatus, drying ovens, temperature controls, block heaters, and thermocouples.

  • LabSmith - Makers of tools for coordinating, conducting, and automating complicated experiments. Products include the LC880, a multi-channel fully programmable logic and timing controller.

  • Labworld Online, Inc. - global marketplace of manufacturers and distributors of equipment, instruments, cleanroom technology and employment opportunities.

  • McBain Instruments - microscopes, optical imaging solutions, XY Staging, Zcolumns, and more. Precision inspection equipment. Service on all major brands.

  • Misonix Incorporated - designs, manufactures and markets ultrasonic equipment, ductless fume enclosures for filtration of gaseous contaminates, and environmental control products for the abatement of air pollution.

  • Parr Instrument Company - manufactures and sells combustion bombs, calorimeters, chemical reactors, pressure vessels and related equipment developed specifically for laboratory use.

  • Pond Engineering Laboratories - providing calibration equipment and services for standards laboratories worldwide. ITS-90 fixed points, SPRT calibration systems.

  • Positel Ltd - UK distributors for all Ritter products, including gas flow meters and gas sampling bags, and for Wosthoff products, including Digamix gas mixing pumps.

  • Proscience Pty Ltd - professional Australian supplier of products for the laboratory, including chemicals, glassware, metalware and a wide range of laboratory instruments.

  • Sayfer Botanicals - sells herbal remedies and makes percolation process equipment for herbal pharmaceutical laboratories and aromatic oil processors.

  • Scientific Specialties Services, Inc. - manufactures precleaned sample containers for research and industry. We pioneered the use of Teflon in containment products.

  • SEBRA - a technology company that develops and manufactures specialized equipment and instruments for catheter manufacturing, blood collection and medical fluid processing.

  • TecQuipment Inc. - provides hands-on experiments for school and university engineering laboratories. Subjects covered include mechanical, civil, chemical, aerospace and electrical engineering.

  • Wheaton Science Products - ISO 9001-certified company. supplier of glass and plastic containers and vials for the laboratory and diagnostics markets.

  • Wright Laboratories - Rife frequency instruments, generators, microscopes and microscope lamps, all transducer-type frequency instruments for experimental purposes.

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