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  • Advance Electronic Diagnostics - ruggedized in-vehicle computers, J1850/OBD II vehicle data acquisition, and interfaces to automotive control systems that use Motorola microprocessors.

  • Control Technology Inc. - products that connect industrial computers and programmable controllers to equipment designed for process control and discrete manufacturing applications.

  • COSMO-BTRS - intelligent multitasking data terminals for barcode, magstripe and proximity for RF transmission, RS232/422 and direct to ethernet (TCP/IP), Windows, UNIX, DOS.

  • GW Instruments, Inc. - manufacturer of data acquisition computer hardware and realtime waveform computer analysis, presentation, and database software for Windows and Macintosh Computers.

  • Instrutech Corporation - sells a complete line of instruments and software for single channel and whole cell research, including patch clamp amplifiers, data recording systems, and data acquisition hardware.

  • Lakewood Systems Ltd. - manufacturing battery powered data recorders for use with a broad range of environmental and industrial instruments capable of operating under extreme environmental conditions.

  • Medical Outcomes Data Technologies (MOdaT, Inc.) - strives to bring the correct mix of technology, science, education, and analysis to its clients to enable them to best capture and utilize the data they require.

  • Onset Computer Corporation - manufactures small, inexpensive data loggers and controller boards. Onset has acquired a hard-earned reputation for high quality data logging solutions for a wide variety of applications.

  • Scientific Solutions, Inc. - manufactures, & sells high performance data acquisition and control products used in factory automation, process control, product development, medical research, R&D.

  • Scintco - Laboratory data acquisition, hardware and software for Radio-HPLC and other laboratory and environmental monitoring applications where analog signals are digitized analyzed and recorded.

  • Silicon Composers, Inc. - ASIC design, custom single board computers and software development for embedded control and data acquistion systems; including VME bus, stand-alone and PC-plug in.

  • Solartron - manufactures density and viscosity transducers, flow computers, data acquisition, condition monitoring systems, and impedance measurement instruments for laboratory analysis.

  • Strawberry Tree, Inc. - manufactures data acquisition hardware and software for Windows/DOS and Macintosh. Includes company and product info, technical support, and app notes.

  • Technolog Ltd - manufacture portable data loggers/recorders, pressure control, leakage reduction equipment, remote data communications products and associated software for the water, gas and electricity industries.

  • UTEX Scientific Instruments Inc - specializing in nondestructive test instruments and software and systems integration. manufacturer of ultrasonic pulsers, receivers, data aquisition software and transducers.

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