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Factory Automation

  • 80/20, Inc. - the Industrial Erector Set. T-slotted aluminum extrusions used for machine frames, Guarding and most other places where welded steel has been used

  • Activation - industrial automation specialists in hydraulic, pneumatic, electric components and equipment. design & servicing industral valves, AC drivers, sensors, accumulators and much more.

  • American Sensorx, Inc. - high speed spectroscopy systems - pharmaceutical, meat, food, agriculture, and chemical industries; vision systems for inspection and security; computer factory simulation.

  • Applied Control Systems, Inc - design engineering firm providing a broad range of services to meet the needs of industrial instrumentation, process control, and automation projects.

  • Artech, Inc. - offers special industry production machinery, materials handling and packaging systems, and general industry unit handling conveyors, accessories, and components.

  • Astrosystems Automation - manufacturer of motion control, position feedback devices and limit switches for industrial automation.

  • Automated Control and Technical Services - providing design, engineering, installation and start-up for industrial automation equipment, in food processing, petroleum, water/wastewater and chemicals.

  • Automatic Control Solutions, Inc. - full turnkey systems, custom built automation systems, custom control software, and networking of computer controlled systems for centralized control.

  • Danaher Controls - manufacturer of Veeder-Root, Dynapar, and Eagle Signal brand products. Complete range of counters, timers, panel instrumentation, encoders, and speed/motion controls.

  • Dastronic - specializing in industrial automation and sofware development, including logistics, internet applications, wireless networks and weighing systems.

  • DT Industries - manufacturer and integrator of automated production equipment and systems used to assemble, test or package a variety of industrial and consumer products.

  • Electronic Automation Limited - Design, development and manufacture of automatic inspection and identification equipment; incorporates the use of machine vision and two dimensional symbologies.

  • Enviromation, Inc. - designer and manufacturer of environmental control systems for military, municipal, industrial, and commercial markets.

  • ETM Pacific Pty Ltd - specialises in data logging and monitoring of building services, refrigerated storage/transport and industrial processes. Servicing the Asia/Pacific area.

  • Fagor Automation - dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of automation and control systems: CNC systems, digital readouts and linear & rotary feedback systems.

  • Hoppmann Corporation - designs and manufacturers automated packaging equipment, feeders, prefeeders, conveyors/accumulators continuous motion assembly systems.

  • Impact Systems, Inc. - computerized cross-direction control systems, scanning measurement systems, and infrared drying systems for the paper industry.

  • Larken Automation - CNC, woodworking, signmaking, signrouting, computerized xyz tables, machine automation and motion control for stepper motor/servo systems.

  • M & S Automated Feeding Systems - custom designers, fabricators, and servicers of vibratory and centrifugal feeder bowls and related equipment.

  • McKnight Automation Inc - specializes in the design, fabrication, and service of a complete range of vibratory bowl feeders, rotary feeders, automatic screwdriving stations and parts handling systems.

  • Mentor Agvs, Inc. - supplier of automatic guided vehicle systems to transport virtually any load up to 250,000 lbs indoors or out. Laser or wire guidance.

  • Mitchell Machine Incorporated - special machine design and building: CAD/CAM, CNC machining, electrical, hydraulic, materials, mechanical, and stress analysis.

  • MMB Automation, Inc. - designer and manufacturer of automated production machinery including automated welding, machining, gaging, inspection, vision, robotics, and more.

  • Motionex, Inc. - Servo & Step Motors, Sensors, PLC's, Linear & Rotary Positioners, Industrial Computers, Data Aquisition, Safety Curtains, Laser Measurement

  • M-tron Industries, Inc. - Design, Sales and Manufacturing of frequency control devices which include crystals, crystal oscillators, VCXO's, and TCXO's.

  • Nicollet Process Engineering - designs, manufactures, markets, and supports process monitoring and control systems, host level client server software, and machine diagnostic tools.

  • Plant Control and Automation - assemble rotary shaft encoders and import control devices, including laser measuring equipment, inductive ultrasonic and magnetic proximity switches, variable speed drive synchronisers.

  • S-S Technologies Inc. - offers communication and simulation solutions. Products include direct-link interface cards, PICS software simulation, and X-Link gateway engine.

  • Scarlett Development - Interested in warehouse management systems? Scarlett Development Group can help you manage the flow of inventory through your warehouse.

  • Siemens Automation Group - provides a range of automation components, both hardware and software, standard or tailored solutions for industrial and factory automation.

  • Spartanics - manufactures electro-optical registration equipment, non-contact optical and mechanical counters and marksmanship training equipment.

  • Super Tech & Associates - makes computer controlled XYZ tables, stepper motor controllers, and the SuperCam CAD/CAM program, a direct machine control graphics user interface with a CNC code generator.

  • Sussex Gauging - produces cutting edge technology gauging components and systems for the thin film and sheet plastic and rubber production.

  • T-Box - Le système TBOX est le plus puissant des appareils de télécontrôle et télégestion actuels. T-BOX vous offre 5 fonctions en un seul équipement: ( 5 en 1)

  • TDK Factory Automation Systems - manufacturer of high speed radial/axial component insertion machinery, and high speed surface mount equipment.

  • Tescon America SMT Systems - manufacturer and service provider for circuit assembly automation equipment. latest pick-and-place systems, placement robots, software, test systems and associated peripherals.

  • Tetragenics Company - provides SCADA, monitoring, control, and automation systems and RTUs (vs PLCs). working with hydro and electrical industries, and water/waste water utilities.

  • Texonics, Inc. - factory automation equipment and machine control, including robotics, motion control, servo/stepping motors, amplifiers/drives, controllers, and more.

  • Unidec Repairs Automatic Assembly Equipment Electronics - repairs Universal instruments automation equipment electronics. Factory automation electronic repairs.

  • Uta Auto Industrial Co., Ltd. - manufacturer of automated machinery and whole-plant equipment for making terminal, connector, blind rivet, fastener, and self-drilling screws.

  • Vibra Screw Inc. - manufactures equipment for processing of dry materials: storing, discharging, metering, mixing, weighing and sizing of bulk solids.

  • Yamaha Factory Automation - makes surface mount and related equipment for printed circuit board manufacturing, robots and monorails for factory automation, and metal plating equipment that can be used on an assembly line.

  • Zakron Industries Inc. - manufactures more than 75 different varieties of backgauges and controls, all dependent upon the specified application and/or budget requirements.

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