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Casting & Machining

  • Carpin Manufacturing - manufactures furniture hardware for the office and school furniture industries. Other products include hardware to the medical equipment industry and custom engineered solutions integrating metal stamping, injection molding and precision assembly.

  • Cutting Edge WaterJet, Inc. - provides accurate, low-stress water jet cutting services. Also offers finish machining, fabrication, polishing, painting services, and material stocking.

  • Darco Manufacturing - precision machining, vertical and horizontal cnc machining, cnc turning, tube fabrication, secondary metal cutting and finishing operations, and assembly capability on site.

  • Davenport Machine - Learn more about the Model B Automatic Screw Machine and view examples of the parts and industries that utilize Davenport's machines. Order an electronic parts catalog on CD-ROM on-line.

  • Dynamic Materials Corporation - performs metal cladding using its proprietary Dynaclad and Detaclad technologies and performs metal forming using its proprietary Dynaform technology worldwide.

  • KDL Precision Molding Corp. - molders of custom elastomeric (rubber) compounds, including silicone and conductive. KDL utilizes injection, liquid injection, transfer, compression, bonding and over molding technologies.

  • L. A. Simpson Machine Company - contract machining and precision metalworking, including CNC, turning, milling, drilling, honing, grinding, threading, sawing, tapping, balancing, boring, and assemblies.

  • La Fonte Ardennaise - foundries of grey and ductile cast iron, specializing in disamatic moulding process, machining, mounting, and surface treatment workshops. In French, English, and German.

  • Lake Geneva Spindustries - full service metal spinning company with CNC capability. stamping to 150 ton with complete tool and die shop. powder coating to 3x5x6 ft long. electric motor repair also.

  • Lanxide Coated Products - Titanium carbide coated graphite components with exceptional wear, corrosion and temperature resistance, for the chemical, electronic, glass, fiber, paper and metallurgical industries.

  • Laubeck Corporation - perforated metals, plastic, rubber, steel, fabrication, manufacturing. Aggregate, hammermill screens. Holes from .027 to 8 inches. To 1 1/4 inch steel. Widths to 96 inches.

  • Machine Arts - specializing in high precision CNC production machining, prototype research & development, mechanical design engineering, and tool & fixture design using metals & plastics.

  • Material Specialties Scandinavia, Inc. - titanium sheets, plates, rods, tubing;. titanium tools. diamond abrasive powder tungsten carbide powders, hardfacing materials, sintered shapes produced by hip processes.

  • Owens Industries, Inc. - perfectly on time ultra precision CNC machining of small and miniature components. CNC Machined 4 axis milling, turning, EDM, lapping and deburring. Tight tolerances.

  • PCS Machine - manufacturer of precision machined parts used in the automotive, agriculture, electrical and machinery industries; products include gears, shafts, transmission and other engine components.

  • Potomac Photonics, Inc. - manufactures laser machine tools for high precision micromanufacturing and provides contract services, including process development, prototyping and production runs.

  • Precision Glass Products Company - manufacturer of glass & quartz components. Capabilities include ultra-sonic drilling & machining, grinding/polishing and unique thermal abilities. Fabrication of most glasses.

  • Quality Screw Machine Products, Inc. - produces a range of high-volume components and parts; from simple shafts and spacers to threaded couplings, connectors, and other fittings.

  • Silicon Crystals, Inc. - uses CZ Crystal Pullers to produce ultra high purity silicon blanks for use in semiconductor wafer fab equipment, sputtering targets and infrared optics.

  • Specialty Silicone Products, Inc. - formulating, compounding, calendaring, extruding and compression molding. Products include: windshield wipers, septa & capliners and lubricating grease & compound.

  • Spokane Industries, Inc. - manufacturer of iron and steel castings, investment castings, impact crusher wearparts, wastewater treatment systems, aircraft defuelers, and industrial tank products.

  • Spuncast, Inc. - produces heat resistant tubing through the centrifugal casting process, with services in heat treating, rough and finish machining, honing, and drilling and tapping.

  • Talbot Associates Inc. - die castings, investment castings, sand castings, plaster mold castings, shell mold castings, permanent mold castings, forgings and metal injection molding (MIM).

  • TEK Engineering - manufactures machined parts, specializing in gear cutting and hobbing, CNC milling, turning, and general machining. Also designer and maker of underwater manipulators.

  • Trend Technologies, Inc. - specializes in enclosures for information processing systems, offering design/engineering, tooling, molding, stamping, supplier management, assembly, and testing to customers around the world.

  • TURBOCAM Inc. - TURBOCAM is a recognized world leader in five-axis programming & milling of impellers and other integrally bladed components for the aerospace and turbomachinery industries (ISO 9002 & AS9000 certified).

  • Winston W. Harness, Metalsmith - Metalcasting services for the individual and small commercial customer. Bronze, brass and aluminum casting by sandcasting and lostwax techniques.

  • World Wide Automatics, Inc. - screw machine specialists with a complete rebuild and repair facility on-site. They have an International vendor base to provide parts and machining needs.

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