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  • Agri-Data Systems, Inc. - Software supplier of least cost formulation systems for animal and pet food manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Animals Exotic & Small - offering animal crossing and information signs.

  • Canadian Animal Network (CAN) - 'members' are pet owners, breeders, veterinarians, pet store owners, pharmaceutical and insurance companies with an interest in the animal world.

  • Coast to Coast - dealing in rare, primitive, and antique breeds of domesticated animals.

  • DNA Dog Identification Kit and Test - using our patented hair collection mailer we can test your dog's DNA. Parent verification and multiple sire cases can be solved with this test.

  • Dogs International Marketplace - International dog breeder and dog products homepages and classifieds. Links to breed clubs, breeders, general information, health, rescue, cool dog sites, and more.

  • Dogs Worldwide - comprehensive reference guide to the canine world: breeders, breeds, clubs, products & services, advertising, shows-diary, news-views-information, judges, and kennels.

  • Earesistible! Cattery - American Curl & Scottish Folds cattery showing pictures of fabulous felines, histories of each breed, & links to major cat registries.

  • Elvessa's Tonkinese - naturally raised Tonkinese cats. Includes information on natural cat care, recipes, tips and products, declawing, animal welfare and cat books.

  • Herding on the Web - comprehensive reference for herding dogs. Includes organizations, books, videos, magazines, stockdog stories, and training information.

  • Interrep Holland - sells macaws, cockatoos, parrot, reptiles and amphibians.

  • Marine Animal Productions - specializes in the design, development, and management of marine mammal facilities worldwide.

  • Online Animal Catalog - online animal information resource featuring articles, photos, links, and ads. We accept articles from owners, former owners, breeders, among others.

  • GB Enterprises, Inc. - "Products for Pets on the Go" - a variety of sizes and colors of portable lunch boxes for pets and weekender bags for pets that travel with their masters.

  • Scooper Doggie, Inc. - Scooper Doggie, Inc. manufactures and distributes SCOOPER DOGGIE the #1 disposable Pooper Scooper on the Market. Scooper Doggie is made from re-cycled paper-board, is both functional and economical.

  • Unusual Animals by McGowan and Girls - includes ostriches, llamas, rheas, pygmy goats, and more for retail or wholesale.

  • Warehime Farm - petting farm and retail exotic animals and pets.

  • World Kennel Club - pure-bred dog registration service & breeder referral service for pure-bred dogs with no history, or lost or misplaced papers. Includes canine classifieds and information.

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