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  • Agricultural Engineering Associates - Engineering consulting services for environmental issues in commercial and production agriculture. Bringing technical services to grassroots agriculture. We serve national and international locations.

  • AgriMark - Grain Marketing Consultants - provides trading information and ideas on agricultural futures and options.

  • Albert Lea Seed House - independent wholy owned seed company specializing in a wide selection of seed grains and soybeans to retail and wholesale markets.

  • Ampac Seed Company - supplier of turfgrass and forage seeds, and wildflowers; provides contract production, varietal acquisition, and grass seed distribution.

  • Consolidated Growers and Processors (CGP) - specializes in industrial crops such as hemp. Includes information about, and pictures of, hemp and its primary and secondary products.

  • Algoflash America, Inc. - manufacturing plant food formula for house plants, flowers, acid loving plants, roses and tomatoes.

  • Asia Pacific Resources Ltd. - holds a controlling interest in Asia Pacific Potash Corp., which has the sole rights to explore for, produce and market potash from the Udon Thani Potash Concession in northeastern Thailand.

  • California Fertilizer Association - represents fertilizer manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retail dealers that sell products within California.

  • Dynamite Plant Food - time-release fertilizer that provides the proper amount of nutrients, dispersed evenly over a six month period of time.

  • FMB Publications - specialists in international market intelligence on world trade and prices in fertilizers and their raw materials.

  • Four Seasons Crop Care - specialty fertilizer supplier to the homeowner, lawn and garden shops, and turf businesses. Fertilizers, seeds and soil testing services for the serious gardener and garden shop owner.

  • Fairbanks Selected Seed Company Pty Ltd - seed wholesalers and retailers with an office in the Fresh Centre in Melbourne and agents Australia wide.

  • Golden Harvest - alliance of five family-owned and managed producers and marketers of hybrid corn, sorghum, soybeans, and alfalfa seeds.

  • Green Air Products - manufactures a large line of horticultural, atmospheric and nutrient control systems for both the hobbyist and the small-scale greenhouse grower.

  • Greener Pastures - organic based lawn care as well as manufacturer of a line of "feed grade" organic fertilizers, weed controls, and pond treatments.

  • High Altitude Gardens International Seed Saving Institute - sells open-pollinated, heirloom seed adapted to cold, short seasons. International Seed Saving Institute educates about conservation of plant genetic resources and seed saving.

  • Industrial Grain Products - manufacturer of specialty binders used to agglomerate feeds, minerals, ceramics, fertilizers, foundry sands and other such materials.

  • Knight Seed Company - domestic and international merchandisers of: bird food, millet, sorghum, safflower, sunflower, nigerseed, peas, edible soybeans, hemp, dried beans and organic foodstuffs.

  • Mississippi Chemical Corporation - manufacturer of fertilizers with all three primary crop nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

  • Mark Seed Company - product information including corn, soybean, alfalfa, and grasses. Also Mark CRP, ISU Corn Trials, and ISU Soybean Trials.

  • Midwest Seed Genetics - quality corn, alfalfa, soybean, and grain sorghum seed. Experienced product development and technical service personnel.

  • Monterey Seed Company - engaged in commercial research, production, conditioning and marketing of hybrid corn, grain sorghum, sunflower, and forage planting seed.

  • Mycogen Corporation - develops and markets seeds and value-added traits for genetically enhanced crops and provides crop protection products and services.

  • Nicklow's Vegetables, Inc. - We sell hybrid seeds of tomatoes, butternut squash and peppers. our largest sales are commercial vegetable growers but some seed firms are handling our varieties.

  • Nature's Intent Environmental Products Inc. - offering fertilixers that provide various biological and chemical nutrients from rock minerals and ocean products.

  • Nature's Tecnology, Inc. - comprehensive collection of aerobic and anaerobic microbes ever assembled in one liquid solution. Learn what microbes can do for the soil.

  • Nu-Gro Corporation - Canadian supplier of fertilizer to the North American retail market. Products include slow release nitrogen, such as SCU, and Nutralene.

  • Pasa Petroquimica Argentina - offering fertilizers, urea, hexane, aromatics, caucho, rubber, nitrile, SBR, NBR, parafins, naphta, styrene, butadiene, and propellents; in Spanish.

  • Pursell Industries, Inc. - manufacturers of Sta-Green, Greenskote, Parker, TruGreen and other fertilizers, plant food, weed killers, insecticides, and more.

  • R & R Advance, Inc - offers a variety of products for the agriculture and turf industries, icnluding irrigation equipment, fertilizers and more.

  • Southern Agricultural Insecticides - fertlizers and pesticides for gardens, farms, greenhouses, and golf courses, as well as AG-related links.

  • Swede Industries Inc. - seed & fertilizer delivery systems for Air Seeders and Hoe Drills that allow for dual seed and fertilizer placement.

  • Sub-Sahara International, Inc. - offers seed coatings and colorants and natural plant amendments for organic or reduced pesticide farming and gardening.

  • TJ Teague (SA) Pty Ltd - international seed and grain brokerage company trading a wide range of seeds for sowing and edible cereals and pulses from Australia.

  • U-Mate International Inc. - Producers of organic fertilizer used for agriculture, gardening, soil remediaton, increases yields, promotes healthy soils.

  • Watch Us Grow - concentrated, liquid fertilizer containing micro-nutrients and fortified with a trademarked ingredient called FOL-ADE.

  • Wyffels Hybrids, Inc - committed to providing top quality seed corn, high oil corn, alfalfa and specialty corns to Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.

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